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Why I Travel With Mexican Health Insurance: New Tips 2023

4 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Travelling To Mexico

Travel With Mexican Health Insurance; The best destination to explore is the land of the sun where the warmth of the summer will keep you alive all through the year and if you are one of those who wants to explore the land of the sun, then you have come to the right place.

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One day, my friend and I had decided to go to Mexico because she is a big fan of the place and I am an enthusiastic traveler so we have decided to share our views and experience with each other.

We were excited and full of joy. My friend was also excited because it was her first time to visit a foreign country but the excitement went to the next level when we reached the airport and saw a huge group of people and heard a lot of noise.Travel With Mexican Health Insurance; We were terrified and felt that the trip might become a nightmare but luckily, we were saved. Our flight was delayed and we landed in Mexico at 9:00 p.m. sharp.

Travel With Mexican Health Insurance

After settling down at the airport, we booked our tickets to the city we want to explore, it was San Miguel de Allende. The first thing we needed to do was to go to the airport restaurant and eat food. As I was travelling alone, I wanted to stay as safe as possible so I ordered for Mexican dishes.

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As the time was about to get over, we reached our hotel and it was time for us to sleep. After freshening up, we went to the dining area to eat dinner but the first thing we noticed was that there was no hot water to drink, but we continued and started our journey.

There are some points that you must be aware of before going to Mexico and here are the top 4 things that you must be aware of:

1. There is no hot water in the hotels

Mexico has a bad reputation in the tourism industry. Travel With Mexican Health Insurance;As a result, the hotels charge a lot of money to stay there. Therefore, it is better that you check the reviews online about the hotel and pick a cheap one if you are worried about your budget.

2. You will not find any shops in the city

People are shocked when they see you shopping in the streets of a different country, but that’s how it is in Mexico.Travel With Mexican Health Insurance; You have to carry your stuff as you move from one place to another and you will never find a place to stay where you can buy anything. You will have to carry everything from food to clothes.

3. You will be charged double to cross the border

You will have to pay double price to enter the country and if you don’t want to pay the charges, you can’t do anything about it.

4. You will get scammed by the immigration officers

You are likely to meet a person wearing a uniform.Travel With Mexican Health Insurance; You will have to provide proof that you are travelling and you need to carry a passport along with your visa or you will not be allowed to cross the border.

The Most Important Reasons for Travelling to Mexico

Why do we always try to travel to a new place? Is it because of the thrill of exploring a new destination or you are just looking for a change in your life.

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There is something magical about travelling, whether it is for the first time or you are looking to explore a new destination.Travel With Mexican Health Insurance; The thing that I love the most about travelling is that it gives you a feeling of freedom and a sense of adventure.

There are lots of benefits of travelling, but the most important one is the change of environment. There are many beautiful and enchanting places around the world that will not only take your breath away but also make you feel alive.

Travel is not only an enjoyable activity but also it brings in a change in the way of living and thinking. Travel With Mexican Health Insurance;Travelling is also known as a stress reliever, and you will come to know why the next time you will travel.

Here are the reasons that make me feel like I want to travel.

Travelling is the best solution for a lazy person

Do you know that travelling is the best option to get lazy?Travel With Mexican Health Insurance If you have any health problems then travelling; will help you to avoid it and you can also focus on your health.

Travelling will make you feel relaxed and the only thing that will make you feel relaxed is the sea and the beach.Travel With Mexican Health Insurance; When you are travelling to the beaches and the sea, you will automatically feel relieved and you will come to know the reason why you are feeling so much relax.

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A new place makes you feel alive

When you are travelling to a new place, you will realize that you are a new person.Travel With Mexican Health Insurance; You will experience new things, the new place will change your perspective towards everything and the food and the people will be different.

There are a number of advantages that come along with travelling to a new place, but I am going to discuss only a few of them.

New destinations will make you a new person

You will know a whole new set of people and this will make you to experience new cultures. People are very diverse and you will learn a lot of new things from their lifestyle.

Travel will help you to get to know more people

There will be a chance to meet new people while you are travelling, and I bet you will have a lot of fun with them. These new people will teach you about their culture and traditions and will make you to understand them a bit better.

Your mind will be more active

If you are thinking about a particular topic then travelling will make you to get a new perspective towards that topic and you will come to know a new truth about it.Travel With Mexican Health Insurance; The best thing is that your mind will become active and this will help you to think a little differently.

Travel helps in building relationships

If you are looking to make your relationship better then travelling to a new place will help you to build a strong bond.

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Travel is a great way to make friends

You will make lots of new friends, and you will get to know the people from the different culture.


My trip to Mexico turned out to be amazing and I hope that this post will help you to plan your trip and avoid



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