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Why Do All Insurance Companies Have Different Payment Plans? New tips 2022

Why Do All Insurance Companies Have Different Payment Plans?

Insurance is one of the safest way to protect yourself against financial loss in case of any untoward event. We all know that a common man can’t afford insurance policies of various plans, but why do all insurance companies have different payment plans?

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There is a common saying that we get insured for peace of mind and also for protection. The truth is that we get insured for the protection but unfortunately most of the time we don’t get what we have insured.

In the Indian market, most of the insurance companies offer their products through online portals. We know that an insurance company will charge an annual premium for their policy, and the maximum of that annual premium can’t exceed 30% of your total income.

If you are a common man, you will definitely have minimum 3 to 4 different payment options in different parts of your monthly budget. But it’s not necessary that the amount of your annual premium will come up to 30% of your total monthly income.

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Let me tell you some important points to consider while selecting the best insurance plan for you.

Compare plans based on benefits

Before choosing any plan you should compare the policies, features and benefits of every insurance plan. Choose a policy that will protect your basic needs like home, life and health.

Check the validity of insurance plan; Insurance Companies

It is very important to check the validity of the policy that you have selected. If the policy is valid, then you will be able to renew your policy. Most of the time, the companies will not allow the customers to renew a plan, if they don’t want to pay the annual premium for it. So, it is better to select a policy that can be renewed for a longer period.

Look for a flexible policy

You can use your money for investment and earning without worrying about your insurance plan, but you can’t get that flexibility from the insurance policy. So, you should opt for a flexible policy.

Why Your Health Insurance Is The Best Investment In Your Lifetime

Your health insurance is a way to secure your well-being. With an insurance policy in place, you can save money, protect your family, and be confident that you and your loved ones are safe.

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Health insurance is essential for people who don’t have a very good income. Without it, it can be difficult to pay medical bills, especially in cases where medical bills are extremely high. However, if you have adequate health insurance coverage, you can reduce medical expenses and avoid bankruptcy.

Here are a few reasons why having health insurance is the best investment in your lifetime:

1. It can increase your savings

If you aren’t financially stable, it is quite likely that you might not be able to save a lot of money for the future. Health insurance will help you to save money for your future, and when it is time to retire, you won’t have to worry about financial matters.

2. It can decrease your expenses

Having health insurance will help you to lower your monthly expenses, and the costs will continue to decline as time goes by. This means that you will have money to spend on other things, and you can be certain that you can afford to pay for your medical expenses.


In the final analysis, don’t ignore the quality of the policy, check the validity of the plan, and choose a flexible policy. If you are searching for a reliable and affordable insurance company, then you should go for Aviva India.



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