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Lawyer With Death Warrant: The Lawyer Who Determined His Own Fate: New tips 2022

Lawyer Who Determined His Own Fate

Lawyer With Death Warrant; Who says that you will get justice when you get a lawyer? When we have done something wrong and the crime is serious, then we will get arrested and charged to court, but who says that a lawyer is a necessity?

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There is a huge population who thinks that a lawyer is a necessity and if you don’t have one, then there is no point in trying to get justice. Lawyer With Death Warrant;Lawyer With Death Warrant;They say that lawyers are very expensive and not everyone can afford to hire a good lawyer, but let’s check how much is the cost of an attorney.

Cost of hiring an attorney: Lawyer With Death Warrant

The cost of hiring an attorney is more than what we think, here is a list of the average costs that the attorneys charges.

• Hourly rate: $200

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• Travel expenses

• Other expenses

• Attorney’s Fee

• Court fee

• Postage


If you have been charged with a serious crime and you have to appear before the court, then it is better to contact a good lawyer as his fees will save you a lot of money.

The Lawyer Who Determined His Own Fate

On the 13th of January, 2018, the lawyer who determined his own fate was found hanging inside the death cell of the jail at Srinagar.

The death of the famous lawyer, Shafat Wani, is the first instance where a Kashmiri has died in the death cell of the Srinagar Central Jail.

Wani, a senior advocate, had died after a prolonged illness while in prison custody.

Death warrant is a legal document used to determine the date of execution of a person who has been sentenced by the court.

When the death sentence is passed, the court issues a death warrant and appoints a day on which it will be executed.

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Usually, the law enforcement agencies will not carry out the execution before a death warrant is issued.

There are various laws in the state that determine Lawyer With Death Warrant;the circumstances under which a person can be executed.

Kashmir has very strict laws regarding the issue of the death warrant of a convict.

According to the law, the death sentence cannot be carried out if the convict does not have the right of appeal.

However, under a special Act, a convict can be executed without any kind of appeal if he is guilty of a double murder or more than two murders.

The lawyer who was recently found hanging inside the death cell of the jail has been convicted for murder and sentenced to life imprisonment for killing two men in the month of September 2015.

The lawyer, who was supposed to have been released soon, was convicted for two counts of murder of two civilians, Shabbir Ahmed and Saif-ul-Rehman.

The lawyer has also been charged with kidnapping, extortion, rioting and destruction of public property, apart from the murders.

However, the lawyer has pleaded that he has been suffering from multiple ailments since 2015 and is not responsible for the crimes committed.

He claims that there are no grounds for executing him.

When the court rejected the plea, Wani then said, “My situation is pathetic.Lawyer With Death Warrant; I cannot even request a mercy petition. Let alone appeal.”

Wani’s death will definitely add to the anger of the people of the state.

They will wonder whether his death was caused by the government or the judicial system.Lawyer With Death Warrant;

It is also not clear whether the government will accept the death of Wani or not.

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