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Classsic Car Insurance and What If You Get Into An Accident? Latest Update 2023

Classical Car Insurance and What If You Get Into An Accident?

Classsic Car Insurance; I guess most of us know that when we get a car, we think of getting insurance cover on that vehicle.

However, it is not just about the car that you have purchased. There are various factors that you should take into consideration. So, it is good to get a car insurance policy.

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Classical Insurance is one of the best and popular car insurance company in India. This company gives you an excellent coverage to protect your vehicle in case of any unfortunate situation happens.Classsic Car Insurance; If you have a classical insurance policy then I am sure that your car will be protected even if it is in a critical condition.

But what if you get into an accident and the insurance company will not pay for that? What is the alternative to classical car insurance? Let’s discuss below:

What if I get into an accident and the insurance company doesn’t pay for it?

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There are many cases when the insurer of the car doesn’t pay up for the damages caused to the other party or their property.Classsic Car Insurance; The reason behind this is that the insurance company has taken the responsibility of covering your car and they won’t pay for it. They will only pay for their share of the total expenses.

Now, the problem is that most of the insurance companies in India are not aware of the fact that they cannot claim the car if it is in a damaged state. Classsic Car Insurance;There are two options available to you when the damage of your car is not covered by your insurance.

You can either file a police complaint and wait for the claim to be approved or you can take your car to an independent garage and ask them to repair it as quickly as possible and try to collect the money from your own insurer.

Chipped or Cracked Windshield Claim

Classic Car Insurance – What If You Get Into An Accident?

When we buy a car, we try to be the safest driver, but sometimes accidents happen in the life of any person.

What if you get into an accident while driving the car? Would you be able to pay the damages? Would you be able to buy a new car?

These are the common questions asked by all the people and if you are reading this article then you might have faced this situation at least once in your life.

What happens when you get into an accident while driving the car?

Let us see what happens when you get into an accident while driving the car:

You will face police enquiry

The police will come to your house or workplace and they will start the investigation. You will also have to provide your license number, photo ID, etc.Classsic Car Insurance; The first question that they will ask you is where you were driving. If you have crossed the traffic lights or missed the signal, then you will get charged for the offense. If you are caught in the middle of a street, then you will get the ticket.

You will get the damaged vehicle

If the car has already been damaged in an accident, then the police will not let you leave the scene unless you give a written statement.Classsic Car Insurance; They will ask you to fill the paper form with details and the registration number of the vehicle.

They will give you a fine

If you do not have enough money to pay the fine, then they will ask for a bail.Classsic Car Insurance; You will be required to pay a bail of £500 to the court. If the court finds your guilty then you will have to pay the fine within 7 days.

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Shopping Loans
Shopping Loans

If you have already given the payment then you can be free. But if you did not pay the fine, then you will have to pay the full amount.

You will lose your license

You will not be allowed to drive a car for 6 months.


So, this was the discussion of the alternative for classical car insurance.Classsic Car Insurance; I hope you liked this article on Classical Insurance and What If You Get Into An Accident?. Please do comment below if you have any query related to this post. I will surely answer it as soon as possible.



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