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Blockchain Lawyers are Here to Stay, According to a Survey of 3,000 Law Firms: New tips 2022

Blockchain Lawyers ; Blockchain is the next big technology which is changing the way how people do business and law. Blockchain is the name of a digital record keeping system which is based on distributed database technology.

The technology was created in 2008 by the mysterious figure Satoshi Nakamoto. This new technology has become the hottest topic for lawyers and other professions. Because in fact the lawyers are looking forward to implement the technology into their profession and use it to increase efficiency.

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The blockchain lawyers are already a reality, but most of the law firms are still struggling to understand the new technology and the concept of it. The study has shown that the number of blockchain lawyers are growing every year and they are already a huge force.

How did the blockchain lawyers come up? Blockchain Lawyers

According to the survey, the percentage of firms which use blockchain has increased to 70% and if you think that the percentage is too high, then consider that the firm have to do a lot of work in the beginning when they adopt the new technology.

The new blockchain lawyers use the technology to store and share documents on the blockchain and to transfer the transaction from one person to another. Blockchain technology is also used in the ICOs and to make the payment.

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The most important thing is that there are some major differences between the old and the new technology. The new technology has revolutionized the whole system and will replace the old one. In addition, the technology is not restricted to the internet.

There is also another thing to note that the new technology is much safer than the old one.

Which are the most common uses of the blockchain technology?

The new technology has a wide range of use, it is used to record all transactions, it is used to make the payment and it is used to create decentralized autonomous organizations.

What are the advantages of the blockchain technology for the law firms?

First of all, the technology is extremely secure. Due to its security and safety features, the technology provides an immutable ledger of the transaction.

If you want to make a transaction, then you don’t need to share your data with other people. You can simply send the document to any person you like and he will see the data without accessing the network.

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Secondly, it makes the process safe. When it comes to the legal transaction, you need to share your sensitive data with a person who is not legally obliged to keep your information. With the help of the blockchain technology, you can safely share your data with any person you want.

Thirdly, the technology is a cost-effective way of doing the business. The cost of the transactions is much lower and this is the major reason why the new blockchain lawyers are the most popular solution.

According to the survey, the majority of lawyers (74 percent) admitted that they have experienced challenges because of the use of technology in their field. However, most respondents (66 percent) said that they would consider blockchain technology.

Here are some of the advantages of using blockchain in the legal sector:


Using blockchain will decrease the cost of doing business. Since this is a distributed ledger, transactions will not involve a third party and the cost of a transaction will be lower.


It will help lawyers to save a lot of time. Instead of creating contracts and paperwork, lawyers will simply use the blockchain. This will also reduce the cost of legal services and eliminate redundancies.

Privacy and security

Blockchain has proven to be a secure method of keeping data private. Most of the time, information is kept confidential and secure because of this.


Blockchain will eliminate the necessity to pay intermediaries to provide services and transactions. Lawyers can handle everything with the help of the technology.


The new blockchain technology is going to change the entire world and it is going to become the next big thing. There are many industries that will change as well and the legal industry will be one of the leading industries.

This is why the lawyers are trying to develop the new technology to help the legal firms. If you want to learn more about the blockchain technology, then you can visit this link https://



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