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HomeloanAgriculture Loan Programs Can Help Small-Scale Farmers: New Tips 2023

Agriculture Loan Programs Can Help Small-Scale Farmers: New Tips 2023

What are the Different Kinds of Agro Finance Options?

Agriculture Loan; The agricultural sector has grown immensely over the past few years. The increase in population, global warming and continuous food production has increased the demand for agricultural products. Agriculture Loan; With high interest rates and low income growth rates, small-scale farmers cannot get bank loans or agricultural credit easily.

To cope up with the financial problems, many banks and credit organizations offer various kinds of farm finance options for farmers. Agriculture Loan; These are termed as agricultural financing options.

Farm loan

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If you are looking for a solution to fund your farming projects and if you can’t borrow money from the banks and other lending institutions, then you can opt for farm loan.

The loan amount varies from borrower to borrower.Agriculture Loan; Some borrowers prefer to use the entire land as collateral, while some borrowers use only the crops that grow in their farm and others use the land as collateral.

Some of the banks and financial organizations offer farm loans to new and existing farmers. They provide farm loans for different purposes, like buying seed, raising cattle, buying fertilizers, irrigation facilities, etc.

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Agricultural credit

Another way to fund your farm operations is agricultural credit.Agriculture Loan; An agricultural credit is the amount of credit that a farmer gets from the credit organizations to finance his farming activities.

Usually, the borrowers use the credit for different purposes like purchasing crop inputs, raising livestock, increasing storage capacity and other related expenses.

Mortgage loan

In order to get a mortgage, you need to make sure that you fulfill the eligibility criteria and have a valid proof of income and asset. However, you can also opt for a mortgage loan.

The lenders offer different kinds of mortgages depending upon the type of loan they are offering. These are term loan, working capital loan, home loan, etc.

Commercial finance option

If you are planning to start a business and if you need to buy a big piece of land, then you can opt for commercial finance options. Commercial finance options are available in different forms like business loan, equipment lease, etc.


The abovementioned methods are available to anyone who wants to invest in the agriculture sector. However, the key thing is that you must know which one to choose and how to get the loan.

Best Options Available for Agriculture Loan

Agriculture has always been an important part of the country. It gives us a stable source of food and the livelihood. Agriculture is very important for the farmers who have less financial support, as this will help them in growing more crops.

If you are planning to buy some equipment’s like tractors or ploughs, you might want to get some funds for that. If you are a farmer you have to fulfill the requirements of the bank, before you get funds.

In India there are many options available for the farmers and they are getting loans easily. There are various types of loans, some are for big crops and others are for small farmlands. Here are the best options available for agriculture loan:


This is one of the popular options available for the farmers. Mortgage is not that much expensive as compared to the previous options. It is easy to get it as the loan process is quite simple. The loan amount varies from Rs. 1, 00,000 to more than Rs.10,00,000.

Agricultural Credit Card

In recent times, this has become a popular option among the farmers. This is the most reliable and flexible option for the farmers. If you have a good credit card, you can get the maximum amount of credit.

The card has a monthly fee of 2% of the total credit.

Small Credit Line

This is one of the most trusted options available for the farmers. You can take a loan for a limited period.

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